le bal de l’afrique
 Africa a Musical tour 


Since 2010, a Paris-based ensemble has taken its audiences on a musical tour of the African continent and its kaleidoscope of rhythms, epochs and cultures.


Led by a dynamic duo of radio stars, they call it Le Bal de l’Afrique Enchantée or “Africa, a Musical Tour”.


The group of 11 musicians call themselves The Afrodelic Mercenaries. For almost three hours, they interpret the greatest hits from Africa’s remarkably rich musical heritage.


Most of these tunes, composed during the 60’s and the 70’s, are not played anymore on stage, since the African Big bands of that time have disappeared. This show brings them Alive.


 From Ghanaian Highlife to Congolese rumba and Nigerian Afrobeat, audiences are treated not only to the continent’s rhythms but to the stories from Africa.


These Mercenaries open up both the dancefloors and their faithful followers’ minds